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70 Years Pakistan Independance Day Celebration

Contemporary Regional Developments in Afghanistan

8th December - 15th December
  • Karzai calls on regional countries to be vigilant against U.S. conspiracies.
  • Abdul Hassan, who was working as Taliban shadow district chief for Hesarak district, was killed t in raids by the Afghan Special Forces in two separate operations in which 14 other fighters were also killed.
  • Taliban and Daesh groups are active in several parts of Nangarhar, particularly in remote and mountainous areas of the province where Afghan forces have no bases and troops to control those areas.
1st December - 7th December
  • Russia is being accused by Afghan officials of supporting the Taliban. The commander, Brig Gen Mohammad Naser Hedayat, said “Many large countries are involved in the Afghan war. We can name Russia, who is actively meddling in Farah, and we have seized Russian-made weapons, including night vision sniper scopes.”
  • In early November, according to the United Nations mission in Afghanistan at least 10 civilians may have been killed by an airstrike by the US in the northern city of Kunduz .
  • A suggestion of reviving Afghan militias against the Taliban is under consideration of Afghan government and the US.


  • December 2017