S.No. Title Author Vol. & No. Issue
1. China-Bengal Traditional Relations in the Pre-European Times: An Enquiry Md. Safiqul Islam Vol.XXXV, No.4 Autumn 2017
2. Is CPEC Really a Gift? China’s Model of Development Cooperation and its Rising Role as a Development Actor in Pakistan Murad Ali
3. Iran Nuclear Deal and its Future Under Trump Administration Shams Uz Zaman
4. Maritime Future of the Indian Ocean: Need for a Regional Cooperative Security Architecture Sana Saghir
5. Towards Achieving the SDG of Ending Poverty in South Asia: A Case Study of India and Pakistan Syed Imran Sardar Vol.XXXV, No.3 Summer 2017
6. Appropriation and Fictionalisation of Buddha’s Life by the West Rasib Mehmood, Shaheen Khan, Kainat Zafar
7. The ‘World Orders’ in Central Asia: United Against Political Islam? Adam Saud
8. An Assessment of Indian Factor in Pak-Afghan Relations Miraj Muhammad and Jamal Shah
9. Maritime Security of Bangladesh: Strategic Imperatives Abul Kalam Vol.XXXV, No.2 Spring 2017
10. Role of Development Cooperation in Implementing the 2030 Agenda: Time for More and Better Aid Murad Ali
11. Muslim Women’s Support for Fundamentalism: Comparing Iran and Pakistan Aisha Anees Malik
12. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: Economic Implications for Balochistan, Pakistan Manzoor Ahmed
13. Climate change and Institutional Capacity in the Indus Basin Asma Yaqoob Vol.XXXV, No.1 Winter 2016-17
14. 10th Parliamentary Election and Destruction of Electoral Governance in Bangladesh Md. Abdul Alim
15. British-Kashmiris: From Marginalised Immigrants to a Transnational Diaspora Shams Rehman, Faiz Ur Rehman & Amna Aziz
16. International Human Rights Law: The Real Improver of Human Rights Situation or Faithless Paradoxes? Muhammad Imran Khan
17. Revocation of the Indus Waters Treaty: Implications Asma Yaqoob Vol. XXXIV, No.4 Autumn 2016
18. The Origin and Development of People-to-People Contacts Between India and Pakistan Saeed Ahmed Rid
19. Generous Yet Unpopular: Developmental Versus Political Role of Post-9/11 US Aid in Pakistan Murad Ali, Glenn Banks & Nigel Parsons
20. The Divergent Plane of Interests: Security and Counter-Terrorism Dynamics of Central Asia Muhammad Zubair Iqbal & Adam Saud
21. Sino-Indian Security Dilemma in the Indian Ocean: Revisiting the String Of Pearls Strategy Sidra Tariq Vol. XXXIV, No.3 Summer 2016
22. Awami League’s Politics of Vengeance Maryam Mastoor
23. China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Implications for Bangladesh Md. Safiqul Islam & Tang Qingye
24. Evolution of Israel’s Nuclear Programme: Implications in Post-Iran Nuclear Deal Era Shams uz Zaman
25. India-Pakistan Confrontation: What Has Changed About Indian-Held Kashmir Since 1947? Asma Yaqoob Vol. XXXIV, No.2 Spring 2016
26. New Trends In Chinese Foreign Policy And The Evolving Sino-Afghan Ties Humera Iqbal
27. The First Enlargement of Shanghai Cooperation Organization and its Implications Nabila Jaffer
28. Multiple Factors Behind Extremism and Militancy: A Case Study of Swat, Pakistan Murad Ali
29. The Threat of ISIS in Afghanistan: An Overstatement Mahrukh Hasan
30. Drug Abuse: Global Vs South Asian Trends With Special Reference to India and Pakistan Syed Imran Sardar Vol. XXXIV, No.1 Winter 2015/16
31. India’s Evolving Strategic Maritime Thought: Blue Water Aspirations and Challenges Muhammad Azam Khan and Aiysha Safdar
32. India’s Grand Nuclear Strategy: A Road Towards Deployment of Ballistic Missile Defence System Zafar Khan
33. Iran’s Nuclear Deal: Global Response And Implications Amir Jan
34. Steadying the Difficult Poise: Sino-Pak Efforts to Counter The Growing Us Role In South Asia Muhammad Zubair Iqbal
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