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70 Years Pakistan Independance Day Celebration

Contemporary Regional Developments in Bhutan

8th December - 15th December
  • The National Assembly of Bhutan had approved establishing a stabilization fund to insulate the domestic economy from economic shocks.
1st December - 7th December
  • India and China are at loggerheads for attaining Doklam plateau, a territory disputed between China and Bhutan, since June, 2017. India’s gesture of ‘protecting’ the Bhutanese territory from the Chinese puts a question mark on Bhutan’s ability to protect its own territory.
  • Asian Development Bank has approved loan and grant assistance totaling $36.2 million for the second phase of the Strengthening Economic Management Program of Bhutan. The first phase helped the Government of Bhutan overcome a liquidity crunch and to stabilize the economy in fiscal year 2013.
  • Bhutan’s economy is largely dependent on India.


  • December 2017