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Chinese Governance System and the Successful Control of Pandemic
Aamir Iqbal (Intern at IRS)

The outbreak of the infectious disease called Covid-19 brought the world to a standstill and chaos. The World Health Organization declared the novel corona virus, a global pandemic on March 11, 2020. The Global trade, traveling, tourism, sports and every field of life is affected due to the global pandemic. The rapid spread of the pandemic forced the world states to enforce strict lockdown and take every possible measure to contain the spread of the fatal disease. Although, the virus originated from the Chinese city Wuhan, but the Chinese government through its decisive measures and sophisticated planning managed to control the spread of the pandemic successfully. Despite the epicenter of the disease, China impressively tackled the crisis through effective management and lockdown, social mobilization and well-planned health care system. China became the first country in the world to bring the infection rate into a remarkable lower level and now China is on the way towards normal life.
China imposed a strict and effective lockdown in Wuhan which lasted for 76 days. After that, similar measures were replicated in the Hubei province and other parts of the country to control the human-to-human transmission of the virus. About 14000 health check points were established across the country at the transport hubs. Virus detecting and testing system was well planned and only in the Wuhan city, 9 million people were tested for the Covid-19. The nationwide testing, control and containment system was very comprehensive and well managed to countering the spread of the disease. People were restricted to their homes; everyone was forced to follow the government rules for the controlling of pandemic. Drones equipped with echoing loudspeakers helped the authorities to monitor the citizens regarding the compliance of the Covid-19 Standard Operating procedures (SOPs). The government authorities provided food and other daily life essentials at door step during the lockdown, they visited regularly to distribute information and instructions on daily basis to make people aware the about pandemic containment drives.
Moreover, the Chinese authorities remained successful to mobilize the masses to achieve the national goal and contain the pandemic infections across the country as well. The Chinese government launched a campaign called “People’s war against covid-19”, which played a vital role in mass mobilization for the pandemic management measures.
Furthermore, the Chinese government came up with a well-designed plan in the health facilities as well. It opened field hospitals at different cities in days, converted the large stadiums and malls to quarantine centers and testing facilities. In addition, the government ramped up the production and supply chain of the necessary items like masks, sanitizers, personal protection kits and other essentials for the general public and health workers. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is the only organization that reaches down to the grassroots level in China; even the government stops at townships and sub districts. Moreover, the Party incorporated rural villagers’ committees and urban residents’ committees into its mobilization effort. As a result, local Communist Party cells could recruit and organize first-line responders from a pool of CCP members and social workers. On the other hand, amid the peak of the corona virus wave, most of the world states confronted with health emergency, all countries have encountered flaws and problems in their responses. The Chinese President Xi Jinping pointed out that lessons must be learned from this pandemic. "The reason for the success of the Communist Party of China lies in continuously drawing lessons, self-correction and self-perfection," said the president. The courage to face problems and dare to reform is also a manifestation of China's institutional advantages.
China’s effective and centralized governance system made the success against pandemic possible under the leadership of the CCP. Through centralized political and governance system, the Chinese authorities mobilized the mass and machinery across the whole country to achieve the national goal (to overcome the pandemic) as declared by the government. This victory against the pandemic has been appreciated across the world and the Chinese governance system has emerged as model for the West that how to face the global crisis.
The World Health Organization in its report acknowledged and applauded the China’s efforts by stating that “China’s bold approach to contain the rapid spread of this new respiratory pathogen has changed the course of a rapidly escalating and deadly epidemic” The Chinese state owned Xinhua news agency wrote in its editorial that Beijing has seized the narrative opportunity provided by American disarray, its state media and diplomats regularly reminding a global audience of the superiority of Chinese efforts and criticizing the “irresponsibility and incompetence” of the “so-called political elite in Washington”. Moreover, the communist party is presenting their governance system as best system in the world especially after containing the covid-19 successfully.
The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman issued a statement that “China’s signature strength, efficiency and speed in this fight against the pandemic have been widely acclaimed,” China, he added, set “a new standard for the global efforts against the epidemic.” Central authorities have come up with strong and consolidated informational control and discipline at state institutions to avoid any contradictory narratives. According to the Chinese government, the western style of governance has failed to save its people from the global crisis. On the other hand, China has become the first country in the world that has come out of this crisis and the rest of the world should learn a lesson from us to avoid any crises in the world, China claims. In a nutshell, China was unprepared for the sudden crisis of the pandemic because it did not get enough time to prepare like the other countries of the world but through its effective governance and dedication, it managed to control the situation. China became a model for the rest of the world governments systems that how the nationwide crisis can be tackled and overcome it in a minimum period of time successfully.
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