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70 Years Pakistan Independance Day Celebration

Contemporary Regional Developments in China

8th December - 15th December
  • China regards the Maldives as an important partner in the construction of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, said President Xi Jinping during Maldives President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom visit to China from December 6 to December 9, 2017. The visit was aimed to increase Belt and Road cooperation between the two countries.
  • Xi Jinping stresses the international community to respect and reflect the will of the people from developing countries as human rights are formulated because establishing human rights worldwide cannot be achieved without the joint efforts of developing countries.
  • China calls for caution on issues concerning the status of Jerusalem and it firmly supports the Middle East peace process and the just cause of the Palestinian people to restore their legitimate rights and interests.
1st December - 7th December
  • China is concerned over DPRK missile test and the denuclearization of Korean peninsula has become its unswerving goal.
  • China urged comprehensive measures against terror in recent UNSC meeting. China vows to join hands with other countries and international organizations to jointly address the threat of terrorism and maintain world peace and stability.
  • China proposed the international community to firmly block the use of social media for spreading extremist ideologies, strengthen internet supervision and stop terrorist groups from using the internet to expand and finance their activities.
  • India is wary over China’s One Belt One Road because it will exacerbate India’s strategic concerns for its land and maritime security. The competition between India and China in South Asia is creating new power dynamics and drifting the region to new geopolitical transformation.
  • As China makes deep inroads in South Asia through its soft power approach, it requires India to carefully design its policies towards its traditional sphere of influence.
  • India will face tough competition for its commercial and cultural relations with other South Asian state due to China’s economic and commercial initiatives in the region.


  • December 2017