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Contemporary Regional Developments in Afghanistan

25th April - 2nd May
  • 'Failure strategy': How NATO won the battle but lost Afghanistan
    A new book by the former Canadian commander explores a pivotal battle and the politics that surrounded it. (CBC News, 1 May, 2018)
  • Attack Kills American Service Member in Eastern Afghanistan
    An attack in eastern Afghanistan killed one American service member and wounded another in the second United States military combat death this year in the enduring war.(New York Times, April 30, 2018)
18th April - 24th April
  • Abu Dhabi finances Dh708m city in Afghanistan. (Gulf News, 24 April, 2018)
  • Suicide Bomber Kills Dozens At Voting Center In Afghanistan.(NPR, 22 April, 2018)
  • Taliban overrun Afghan district, kill its chief and at least 14 others.(Arab News, 12 April ,2018)
  • Attacks in Afghanistan Leave Dozens Dead and 2 Schools Burned.(New York Times, 15 April, 2018)
12th April - 17th April
  • Afghanistan returns bodies of five Pakistani soldiers
    Afghan officials handed over the bodies of five martyred personnel of the Frontier Corps as well as an injured soldier to the elders of Kurram Agency as talks continued between the two sides to deescalate tension along the border. According to reports, 10 attackers from the Afghan side were also killed in clashes that erupted in the area after the FC men erecting a fence along the border at Laka Tiga post in Lower Kurram Agency came under fire. MNA Sajid Hussain Turi, who is leading a delegation of local tribes holding talks with the elders of Zazi tribe of Afghanistan, confirmed the death toll and said that 12 more personnel of the FC were wounded in the clashes with Afghan forces. They were taken to a hospital in Thall Garrison. Military officials of Pakistan and Afghanistan held a flag meeting at a location near the border to hold ceasefire. According to local officials, the armed tribesmen who took position along the border to provide backup support to Pakistani troops were called back after the flag meeting between field commanders of the two countries. Hundreds of tribesmen carrying heavy weapons had rushed to the Laka Tiga post and adjacent areas to support the FC soldiers who came under attack from the Afghan side. Heavy exchange of fire took place in the area. Armed tribesmen from the Afghan side also supported their border forces. Sources said that after the flag meeting the elders of Turi and Zazi tribes — said to be cousins — held a jirga to defuse the tension escalated after the border clashes. Political Agent Baseer Khan also attended the jirga held near Mali Khel village on the Kurram side. According to the sources, the Afghan officials asked their Pakistani counterparts to erect fence five metres inside the demarcation line. It is worth mentioning that the borderline on the Kurram side is properly demarcated and both countries have no dispute. Under a multi-billion-rupee border management plan, Pakistan began fencing the border on its side last year. The plan aims at preventing unlawful cross-border movement. The Afghan government has reservations over the fencing plan.
    (Dawn: 17th April, 2018)
  • Attacks ( allegedly by Taliban) in Afghanistan Leave Dozens Dead and 2 Schools Burned.
    (New York Times, 15 April, 2018)
4th April - 11th April
  • Karzai said the US cannot help Afghanistan in its anti-terror efforts and that America is behind the crisis.
    (Tolo News:9.4.2018)
  • Senior ISIS leader killed in northern Afghanistan, highlighting shifting militant allegiances.
    (Washtington Post : 10.4.2018)
Credit: Maryam Mastoor