News Updates

August 28th - 6th September
  • US service member killed in Afghanistan
    A US service member was killed and another wounded in what the US military says is an "apparent insider attack" in eastern Afghanistan. (CNN- 6.9.2018)
  • Afghanistan: Deadly blasts target Kabul sports club
    At least 20 killed and dozens wounded in twin bombings at wrestling club in the Afghan capital, Kabul. (Aljazeera-6.9.2018)
  • ‘Time for This War in Afghanistan to End,’ Says Departing U.S. Commander. The general, who spent 31 months at the helm of a quagmire of a mission that has shaped his career over four tours of the country and has cast a shadow on a generation of American military leaders, said he wanted to speak from the heart.“It is time for this war in Afghanistan to end,” General Nicholson said. (New York Times, 2.9.2018)
  • China 'building military base in Afghanistan' as increasingly active army grows in influence abroad. (The Telegraph-29.8.2018)
  • Foreign Minister of Pakistan will pay first visit to Afghanistan. (Islamabad Times, 5.9.2018)
August 19th - 28th
  • U.S. strike allegedly kills senior ISIS commander in Afghanistan. (CBS News, 26.8.2018)
  • Russia, Tajikistan deny air raids in Afghanistan. (Aljazeera, 28.8.2018)
  • Afghan President Ghani rejects ministers' resignations
    Afghanistan's President Ashraf Ghani has rejected resignations tendered by three senior officials. The resignations from Defence Minister Tariq Shah Bahrami and Interior Minister Wais Barmak, as well as Masoom Stanekzai, head of the National Directorate of Security, were submitted on Saturday, hours after National Security Adviser Hanif Atmar quit. (Aljazeera, 26.8.2018)
  • Afghanistan 'will not attend' Russia-led peace talks
    Afghanistan will not attend multinational peace talks hosted by Russia early next month, the Afghan foreign ministry has said, a decision that could make Moscow reconsider its plan to invite the Taliban. (Aljazeera, 22.8.2018)
August 11th - 18th
  • As Taliban Start Charm Offensive, Afghan President Calls for Cease-Fire. (New York Times-19.8.2018)
  • Taliban take more than 100 hostage in Afghan bus ambush
    The Taliban have taken more than 100 people hostage after ambushing a convoy of buses on a road in northern Afghanistan in the latest assault by insurgents. (Guardian: 20.8.2018)
August 2nd - 10th
  • U.S. Airstrike Kills Afghan Forces Amid Battle With Taliban
    An American airstrike killed at least a dozen Afghan security forces during intense fighting with the Taliban near the Afghan capital, officials said Hundreds of armed Taliban militants made a run for the Azra district center in Logar Province, about 50 miles south of Kabul, late on Monday, and the fighting continued overnight, officials said. Shamshad Larawi, a spokesman for the governor, said that American airstrikes had been called in for support, but that because of a misunderstanding, the planes mistakenly targeted an Afghan police outpost. (New York Times 9.8.2018)
  • Suicide Bomber Kills 3 NATO Troops on Day of Violence in Afghanistan A suicide bomber struck a joint patrol of NATO and Afghan forces near a large military base just outside the Afghan capital on Sunday, killing at least three NATO service members and injuring three others, officials said, on a day that saw deadly violence across the country. An Afghan soldier was killed in the eastern city of Jalalabad trying to stop a suicide bombing at a checkpoint, and in the south, the Taliban continued a bloody assault on the district of Chinarto, in Uruzgan Province. (New York Times, 5.8.2018)
  • Attackers in Burqas Kill Dozens at Shiite Mosque in Afghanistan
    At least 29 people were killed when suicide bombers disguised in women’s clothing stormed a Shiite mosque in eastern Afghanistan during Friday Prayer, officials said, the latest in a series of bloody attacks on the country’s Shiite minority. Two male attackers, wearing full-length burqas to hide explosive vests and automatic weapons, entered the mosque in the city of Gardez in Paktia Province, first firing at the worshipers and then detonating the vests, according to the Afghan police. The spokesman for the Paktia police, Sardar Wali Tabasoom, said that guards had been posted at the mosque because of fears of such an attack. But the attackers used the burqas to get close, then shot the guards, he said. (New York Times, 3.8.2018)
  • 3 Foreign Caterers Are Kidnapped and Killed in Afghanistan. (New York Times 2.8.2018)
Credit: Maryam Mastoor