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Contemporary Regional Developments in Afghanistan

5th - 13th February
  • US Adding Air Power, Intelligence Gathering in Afghanistan: Air Force Major General James Hecker told reporters at the Pentagon in a video teleconference from Kabul that on February 1 the U.S. Central Command officially designated Afghanistan as its "main effort," supplanting the counter-IS campaign in Iraq and Syria. Central Command is responsible for all U.S. military operations in the broader Middle East and Central Asia.
    (VOA, 7.2.2018)
30th Jan - 4th February
  • Trump ruled out talks with Taliban and pledged to ‘finish’ them.
    (Dawn News January 31, 2018)
  • Afghan government losing control over its territory according to the US Report.
    (Dawn News January 31, 2018)
  • Suicide attacker detonated a massive car bomb disguised in an ambulance. The blast, which killed at least 100 and injured 235 more, was blocks from Operation Resolute Support headquarters: There’s a new faith among the latest U.S. generals who have come to win the war in Afghanistan, but plenty of old realities. U.S. Central Command’s Gen. Joseph Votel, who is overseeing the Trump administration’s Afghanistan War reboot, came here to see its beginning and its promise of victory, with newly arriving squadrons of attack jets, howitzer cannons, and hundreds of specialized and experienced U.S. troops. Just hours earlier, the 4-star distinguished visitor had been in Kabul discussing those plans at the Afghan Ministry of Defense when a suicide attacker detonated a massive car bomb disguised in an ambulance. Welcome back to the war. As the compound locked down, troops and civilians from a dozen countries came scrambling out of the dining hall, weapons in tow. Others exchanged concerned glances. But most just told stories, complained about being stuck, and kept on eating lunch. After 16 years, you get used to some things.
    (Defense One)
  • The U.S. military is pulling its forces from an American-led coalition base in Iraq and shifting them to Afghanistan following the defeat of Islamic State group militants in the country.
    (Fox News)