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Contemporary Regional Developments in Afghanistan

12th May - 18th May
  • UK may double troops in Afghanistan after Donald Trump request.(Guardian, May 18, 2018)
  • Taliban Overrun Afghan City, Kill 30 People and Leave
    Taliban insurgents abandoned their effort to take over the capital of the western Afghan province of Farah, leaving the city early Wednesday without apparent opposition, local residents said. Even with 25 members of the security forces and five civilians killed, officials immediately hailed the insurgents’ departure as a victory. They said that hundreds of insurgents had been killed in the one-day assault on Farah city and that the government’s response proved it could beat back any Taliban initiative to take and hold territory. But for many Afghans, especially residents in battered Farah, the assault showed mostly that the insurgents could attack at will even against a well-entrenched government position backed up by both Afghan and American air power. “The Taliban managed to leave the city without a single shot being fired, and the night was calm,” said Abdullah Khan, a resident reached by telephone. “It shows the utmost incompetence of our forces. The Taliban were wandering the Farah city streets openly without fear as if they had lived there a long time, making jokes with their friends and telling citizens to stay calm and not worry.” (New York Times, May 16, 2018)
  • Taliban Claim They’ve Taken Control of Western Afghan City, Farah.(New York Times May 16, 2018)
3rd May - 11th May
  • Militants Kill 15 in Afghan Attacks, as Taliban Expand Their Control.(New York Times, May 9,2018)
  • Bombing Kills at Least 14 Afghans Registering to Vote:
    KABUL, Afghanistan — A bomb blast killed at least 14 Afghan civilians on Sunday as they lined up in a mosque to register to vote in coming national elections, according to officials. The explosion was at least the sixth attack on voter registration activities in Afghanistan since the authorities last month began requiring citizens to register to vote in person at centers across the country.(New York Times 6 May, 2018)