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Contemporary Regional Developments in Bhutan

1st June - 08th June
  • Constructive steps need to be taken for Bhutan to become 100% organic. Various measures need to be taken for Bhutan to become 100% organic by 2020. (Bhutan Times, June 6, 2018)
  • The two young students from Bhutan who were selected in June to attend a Football For Friendship (F4F) event in Russia, are now gearing up for the trip of their lifetime. (Bhutan Times, June 6, 2018)
  • Bhutan-India Friendship Tennis Tournament underway in Thimphu. The tournament received more than 20 players from the seven states of India and 45 players from Bhutan. (Bhutan Times, May 31, 2018)
  • The monsoon season in Bhutan will begin within the first week of June this year, is expected to have normal rain, forecasts the National Center for Hydrology and Meteorology (NCHM). (Kuensel online, May 30, 2018)
Credit: Maryam Mastoor