News Updates

August 28th - 6th September
  • Iran: US abusing UNSC to divert attention from Israeli violations of intl. law. (Iran Daily-6-9-2018)
  • Israel threatens attack on Iranian assets installed in Iraq. (3.9.2018-The Telegraph)
  • U.S., India in 'very detailed' talks about halting Iran oil imports: State Department official. (Rueters-6.9.2018)
August 19th - 28th
  • EU security must no longer depend on US: Macron. (Iran Daily, 27.8.2018)
  • Iran and Saudi Arabia are great nations in the region and can cope with common concerns with negotiation says the Supreme Leader’s representative in Hajj affairs. (Iran Daily, 27.8.2018)
  • Iran demanded the UN's top court to suspend US nuclear-linked sanctions against Tehran, accusing Washington of plotting Iran’s “economic strangulation. (27.8.2018)
August 11th - 18th
  • Iran ups non-oil exports to Pakistan
    Iran's non-oil goods exports to neighboring Pakistan showed a growth of 61 percent in the three months from March 21-June 22 by 61 percent compared to the figure for the same period last year. (Iran Daily-20-8-2018)
  • Iran says no OPEC member can take over its share of oil exports. (Iran Daily-19-8-2018)
August 2nd - 10th
  • Russian Spox: US' anti-Iran sanctions detrimental for region
    Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova says the US' sanctions imposed on Iran are detrimental for the Middle East. Speaking in her weekly press conference, Zakharova said the US' withdrawal from the nuclear deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) was against the determinations of several countries, according to IRNA. She added that Washington's exit from the JCPOA was not in line with the interests of the US, instead, the move was aimed to meet the demands of a small group in that country. The US President Donald Trump announced on May 8 that Washington was walking away from the nuclear agreement and he plans to reinstate US nuclear sanctions on Iran and impose 'the highest level' of economic bans on the Islamic Republic. Under the JCPOA, Iran undertook to put limits on its nuclear program in exchange for the removal of nuclear-related sanctions imposed against Tehran. (Iran Daily, 10.8.2018)
  • Iran, North Korea seek closer ties amid US bans. (Iran Daily, 10.8.2018)
  • Turkey to continue trade with Iran despite US sanctions. (Iran Daily, 10.8.2018)