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25th Oct, 2018 - 31st Oct, 2018
  • No one can ignore role of Iran in Syria’
    Hossein Jaberi Ansari, a senior assistant to the Iranian foreign minister, said on Wednesday that the position of some countries, including the U.S., on Iran’s role in Syria will not be followed by other countries because such policies have already failed, IRNA reported.
    “No country is able to exclude other countries and Iran’s role in Syria, the Astana process and peace in Syria is based on reality, which has gained the attention of Turkey and other players,” Jaberi Ansari said after a trilateral meeting of Iran, Russia, and Turkey’s senior representatives with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. (Tehran Daily- 27.10.2018)
  • Iran foreign ministry rejects claims about U.S. talks
    The Iranian foreign ministry categorically denied the claims raised by a lawmaker that the ministry is making efforts to hold talks with the US in a neighboring country. In a statement on Saturday morning, the Foreign Ministry’s public relations department dismissed as “wrong and baseless” the comments by a controversial parliamentarian about diplomatic efforts to make contact and hold talks with the US government in a neighboring country.
    The statement underlined that all Foreign Ministry personnel follow the guidelines given by Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei about the way to interact with the US government and would never disobey the rules.
    The Foreign Ministry and all diplomats are committed to protecting the country’s interests and have pledged allegiance to the Islamic Revolution’s aspirations and values, the statement said, stressing that the country’s diplomatic body strongly believes in futility of any negotiation with the US President Donald Trump’s administration, which reneges on commitments, breaks the law and is against Iran.
    According to the statement, the claims raised by the Iranian lawmaker, Javad Karimi Qoddousi, have been based upon inauthentic sources whose purpose is to inflame tensions in the country and make people frustrated with the Foreign Ministry. (Tehran Daily: 27.10.18)
  • Italy reiterates support for Iran deal
    Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has underlined the significance of maintaining and implementing the nuclear deal, also called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), saying “we will support JCPOA.”
    Conte who is currently in India to attend an economic meeting told India Today that implementation of the nuclear deal can help improve regional and international security and strengthen mutual confidence, IRNA reported. Asked about reinstatement of U.S. sanctions against Iran, he said that sanctions are instruments not objectives. “Sanctions make sense when they lead to a political solution, but it cannot replace diplomatic solution,” he said. (31.10.2018- Tehran Daily)
13th Oct, 2018 - 25th Oct, 2018
  • U.S. is seeking regime change in Iran: Rouhani. (14.10.2018- Reuters)
  • Turkey: Asia, EU against US ‘unilateral’ sanctions on Iran. (Iran Daily-24.10.18)
  • Tehran, Islamabad cooperating to secure release of Iranian border guards
    Pakistani Foreign Ministry Spokesman Mohammed Faisal announced that Tehran and Islamabad are cooperating to secure the release of Iranian border guards. Faisal in a press conference told that local commanders of both Iran and Pakistan are in contact on borders as military officials are in cooperation in that connection, according to IRNA. On October 15, Iran announced terrorists had kidnapped the Iranian forces, including local Basij volunteer forces and border guards, near the town of Mirjaveh on the Pakistani border in southeastern Iran.
    Jaish al-Adl Terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the act. In this regard, there has been contacting between the Directors General (Military Operations) of Iran and Pakistan. (Iran Daily-25.10.18)
02nd Oct, 2018 - 12th Oct, 2018
  • Pakistan sees immense scope of cooperation with Iran
    Pakistan's minister of maritime affairs said there is lot of scope for cooperation between Iran and Pakistan in all sectors. Ali Haider Zaidi told IRNA that trade opportunities between Iran and Pakistan are equally beneficial for both the neighboring states.
    The minister said there are some issues which need immediate attention between Iran and Pakistan. One of the first things the prime minister wants to address is the issue of pilgrims traveling to Iran, he noted. He said trade opportunities between Iran and Pakistan are equally beneficial for both the countries. "We export a lot of rice to Iran," he said. The minister pointed out that Iran and Pakistan must enhance trade ties. Iran and Pakistan, he said, are also looking at the possibilities of restarting train service. He added that there is also a plan to start ferry service between Pakistani and Iranian ports but there are certain challenges.
    "Ferries can't run from March to October because of the rough seas as we have two wind corridors from east to west and north to south but we are trying to solve the issue," he said. (10.10.2018 Iran Daily)