News Updates

1st Nov - 26th Nov
  • Kazakh National Bank issues new gold and silver coins
    The country’s National Bank has issued a new collection of gold and silver coins to mark the 25th anniversary of the country’s establishment of national currency. The coins have been issued in denominations of 500 tenge. (The Astana Times, 22-11-2018)
  • EBRD: Kazakhstan has decade of preparation for economic diversification
    The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has published a new report, which reveals that Kazakhstan has a decade’s time to shift its economy from the fossil fuels and to diversify in green energy. Countries like Kazakhstan, which are the major fossil fuel exporters, will be exposed to vulnerabilities in the coming decades as the world shifts towards the renewable energy resources. (23.11.2018, The Astana Times)
Credit:Sohaib Ahmed Barlas