News Updates

August 28th - 6th September
  • Nepal and India push health pact. (Khatmando post 6.9.2018)
  • Nepal’s proposed participation in BIMSTEC military drill divides the ruling party. (Khatmando post 6.9.2018)
August 19th - 28th
  • Nepal plane crash caused by 'emotionally disturbed' captain
    A plane crash at Nepal’s international airport that killed 51 people happened because the captain suffered an “emotional breakdown”, a leaked draft of the official investigation has found.
    Investigators said the captain, Abid Sultan, wept during the flight after his skills had been questioned by a co-worker. “This mistrust and stress led him to continuously smoke in the cockpit and also suffer an emotional breakdown several times during the flight,” their report said.
    The 12 March flight from the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka crash-landed at Kathmandu airport and skidded into a football field where it burst into flames, killing 51 people in the deadliest aviation accident in the Himalayan nation for decades. (28.8.2018, Guardian)
August 11th - 18th
  • Nepal-China road link severed. (Khatmando Post, 20.8.2018)
  • Nepal, India to sign MoU on rail survey, bulk cargo. (Khatmando Post 20.8.2018)
August 2nd - 10th
  • Nepal to push for more Indian investments
    The government is proposing to attract Indian investment in the Nepal-Indian Trade Treaty itself as two sides sit for a comprehensive review of bilateral trade in New Delhi.
    While promotion of exports from Nepal and trade facilitation are also amongst the agenda, Nepali side will focus more on Indian investments to balance trade between the two countries during the meeting scheduled for August 9-10. Government officials said trade deficit with India could be addressed if Nepal gets more investments from India. They are of the view that without bringing investments from India, import substitution and bringing down the alarming trade deficit with southern neighbour is not possible. (Khatmandu Post 9.8.2018)
Credit: Maryam Mastoor