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70 Years Pakistan Independance Day Celebration

Contemporary Regional Developments in Siri Lanka

8th December - 15th December
  • IMF approved USD 251.4 million to Sri Lanka after completing the third review of Sri Lanka’s Extended Fund Facility arrangement.
1st December - 7th December
  • Despite India’s covert efforts to bring pro-India government in Sri Lanka, India could not stop Sri Lanka from becoming partner in Chinese Maritime Silk Road project.
  • Sri Lanka is left with tough choices to keep balance in the relations with China and India due to rising national debt of $ 6.4 billion in which much has been contributed by Chinese development projects.
  • Debt servicing has become a major challenge to the government in Sri Lanka with 2019 proving to be the test. An estimated USD 5.7 billion of International Sovereign Bonds and syndicated loans are scheduled for settlement over a period of three years, beginning in 2019.
  • Apart from relying on maritime Silk Road project, Sri Lankan government will also focus on bilateral trade agreements and expanding FTA with both India and China to deal with the problem of massive national debt.


  • December 2017