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Pak-Afghan ties in the Light of Pak-US Strategic Dialogue   November 2010 Download
US Strategy Towards Post-Taliban Afghanistan: Analysing the Efforts for State Building   August 2010 Download
Afghan Presidential Election and its Implications for the Region   June 2010 Download
Afghanistan: Aid and Accountability Mechanism   March 2009 Download
New Delhi-Kabul Ties: Implications for the Region   June 2008 Download
Five Years on: Resurgence of Taliban and the Fate of Afghanistan   January 2007 Download
Indo-Afghan Relations: Pre- and Post Taliban Developments   June 2004 Download
The ‘Afghan Corridor’: Prospects for Pakistan-Central Asia Relations in Post-Taliban Afghanistan?   September 2002 Soft copy not available*
The Afghan Catalyst   July-August 2002 -
Wither Afghan Peace Process?   June 2001 -
Afghanistan: Jihad to Civil War   October 1996 -
The Crisis of State Legitimacy in Afghanistan   July 1996 -
Indo-Afghan Relations in the 1980s   Sep-Oct 1997 -
Resistance in Afghanistan: The Panjshir Model   March 1985 -
PDPA: Khalq-Parcham Struggle for Power   February 1984 -
Afghanistan in the Shadow of Durrani-Ghalji Rivalry   September 1983 -
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