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The Sino-Indian ‘Quest for Energy Security’: The Central-West-South Asian Geopolitical Turf: Dynamics and Ramifications   June 2009 Download
China: From ‘Peaceful Development’ to ‘Peaceful Rise’ – The Southeast Asian Flank   June 2007 Download
Sino-Indian Relations: Future Prospects — Friendship, Rivalry or Contention?   May 2007 Download
The Emerging China: Economy, Political System & Foreign Policy   June 2006 Download
China and Central Asia   Oct-Nov 2005 Download
China’s National Security Concerns: South Asian Dimension.   March 2005 Download
China-South Asia Relations in a Changing World   October 2004 Download
Pak-China Economic Relations: Forging Strategic Partnership in the 21st Century (special issue)   July-August 2001 Soft copy not available*
Sino-Pakistan Relations: Tracking an ‘all-weather friendship’ (special issue)   May 2001 -
Rebuilding Sino-Indian Relations (1988-2000) – Rocky Path, Uncertain Destination   November 2000 -
China and South Asia in the 21st Century   October 1999 -
Evolving Chinese Perceptions Towards South Asia   Sep-Oct 1994 -
Sino-Indian Relations in a Changing World   May 1993 -
Sino-Indian Relations: Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s China Visit   August 1989 -
Sino-Indian Relations in the Eighties   July 1987 -
Sino-Indian Border Dispute   April 1984 -
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