Asma Yaqoob


  • M.Sc (Practicing Sustainable Development) - Royal Holloway, University of London


  • Human Security, Water Management, Climate Adaptation and Conflict Transformation


  • Dam-Building In India And China – Lessons Learnt, 2012
  • Energy Crisis In Ihk: An Overview Of Hydropower Issues Between Delhi And Srinagar, 2012
  • Indus Waters Across 50 Years: A Comparative Study Of The Management Methodologies Of India And Pakistan, 2011
  • India And Central Asia: Emerging Geo-Economic And Geo-Political Scene, 2006
  • South Tyrol As A Model For Conflict Resolution In Jammu & Kashmir: A Critical Assessment, 2005
  • The Indian River Link Project: Reviewing Regional Responses, 2005
  • International River Waters In South Asia: Source Of Conflict Or Cooperation?, 2004
  • Muslims As An Identity Group In South Asia, 2003

Research Analyst
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