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Economic and Social Issues
Muslims in India: A Bleak Past, An Uncertain Future   October 2011 Download
Indus Waters Across 50 Years: A Comparative Study of The Management Methodologies of India and Pakistan   September 2011 Download
Good Governance: The Achilles’ Heel of South Asia — is There a Way Forward?   August 2011 Download
Energy Security and Cooperation in South Asia   July 2011 Download
Politics of Sanctions: Future of Iran-Pakistan-India (IPI) Pipeline   August 2010 Download
Poverty Alleviation in South Asia: Towards a Holistic Approach   March 2010 Download
‘Meta Early Warning System’ to Manage Drought Disaster in South Asia   Oct-Nov 2009 Download
EU-SAARC: Comparative Analysis and Cooperative Framework   November 2008 Download
Environmental Degradation: Focus on Water Scarcity in South Asia   October 2008 Download
Energy Security: Prospects of Co-operation in South Asia   February 2008 Download
The Broadening Horizon of SAARC   July 2007 Download
Public Health Sector in South Asia: Turning Challenges into Opportunities   October 2006 Download
GCC comes of age   Jan-Feb 2006 Download
Energy Resources and Regional Economic Cooperation   April 2005 Download
Asean Regional Forum (ARF): its role in confidence building and conflict resolution   February 2005 Download
International River Waters in South Asia: Source of Conflict or Cooperation?   September 2004 Download
USA & South Asia in the New Millennium   May 2004 Download
Russia and South Asia   January 2004 Download
European Union-South Asia Relations: Defining and Designing New Partnership   Nov-Dec 2003 Download
Muslims as an Identity Group in South Asia   June 2003 Download
A Decade of Indian Economic Reforms and  the Inflow of Foreign Investment   May 2003 Download
Socio-Economic Changes, Institutions, and Indian Politics: From the ‘Congress system’ to Coalition System   Nov-Dec 2002 Soft copy not available*
Subregional Cooperation in South Asia: Replicating Asean Growth Model?   May 2002 -
Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) ---- Beginning of a new partnership   January 2002 -
Mainland Asia Coming Together   October 2001 -
Media’s Role in South Asian Security: A Case Study   September 2001 -
Challenges of the Age of Globalisation   April 2001 -
The Narcotics Threat to South Asia   Feb-March 2001 -
Poverty in South Asia: Predicament and Prospects   August-September 2000 -
Governance in South Asia: A Comparative Overview   Nov-Dec 1998 -
Regional Cooperation in South Asia: Pakistan’s Role   February 1998 -
SAARC, Sub-regionalism and Bangladesh Foreign Policy   September 1997 -
An Economic Forum for the Indian Ocean Region: Desires, Concepts and Realities   November 1995 -
Indo-US Relations: The Economic Dimension   May 1995 -
Indo-Pakistan Trade: Prospects and Constraints   December 1994 -
The Education System in India: A Perspective   April 1993 -
SAARC: Past, Pace of Progress & Prospects   November 1992 -
The Future of SAARC   January 1992 -
Looming Ecological Disaster in South Asia ‑‑‑‑ A Case Study of India   February 1991 -
Drug Menace in South Asia   April 1990 -
Child Labour in South Asia: A Case Study of India   March 1990 -
Indo-U.S. Economic Relations   February 1990 -
SAARC at the Crossroads: The Islamabad Summit and Beyond   March 1989 -
Indian Energy Scenario: Problems and Prospects   February 1989 -
SAARC: Three Years On: An Overview   November 1988 -
Bride-Burning in India: A Sociological Study   September 1988 -
The Law of the Sea: Its Impact on Inter-State Relations in South Asia   May-June 1988 -
Oil and Gas Development in India   March-April 1988 -
Science and Technology in India   Sept-Oct 1986 -
SAARC: The Urge for Co-operation in South Asia   February 1986 -
Indo-Soviet Economic Relations   January 1986 -
Mauritius and the South Asian Connection   February 1985 -
Gulf Cooperation Council   December 1983 -
South Asian Regional Cooperation   June 1983 -
Indian Development Experience: An Evaluation   March 1983 -
Bonded Labour in Hindi Belt of India   February 1983 -
The Politics of River Waters in the Indian Punjab   September 1982 -
'Ananda Marga' ‑‑‑‑ the Path to Bliss or the Politics of Social Violence?   August 1982 -
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