IRS |Institute of Regional Studies



IRS library is an excellent research centre on South Asia. It was established in March 1982. To facilitate scholars, students teachers and researchers, library having more than 10,000 books on different topics such as Foreign Affairs, Politics, Economy and Industry, Science and Technology, Socio- culture, Security, Nuclear, and Terrorism. Local and international journals, magazines, periodicals, newspapers and reference material is also available without any membership. moreover, library contains Documents on Transfer of Power 1942-47, SIPRI Year Books, India Year Books, Statesman Year Books, Adelphi Papers, Jinnah Papers, Keesings: Record of World Events and India Who is Who. Parallel, we have set out a comprehensive Collation and Documentation archive.
Library is open for all. Photocopy and internet facility also available.

Ms. Nasreen Naqvi
Phone: 051-9202224 (Ext.111).