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Welcome to the Institute of Regional Studies (IRS) website. Since its inception in the early 1980s IRS has been a place for quiet academic investigation, thoughtful interaction and relevant publications, attracting some of the best researchers in the country. IRS has simultaneously served as an incubator for analysts who have are outstanding nationally and even internationally. It is, therefore, an honour to have been selected in 2018 to lead this eminent institution, a true think tank.

IRS’ and my own guiding principle is Pakistan’s international reputation and prestige. The world is yet to be made fully aware of the enormous cost we paid as a frontline state seeking peace: innumerable soldiers and civilians maimed and martyred, houses bombed, families traumatized and ruined, economies disrupted, environment destroyed and much more. IRS strives to have readily available updated information on internal and international issues in our country and our region, with comparative analyses, providing prompt response to critique and facilitating conversations for peace and progress in our region.

As President my top priorities at the IRS are to (i) make IRS resident scholars and our publications more impactful (ii) facilitate scholars conduct research in and on our region (iii) activate a non-resident scholar program (iv) team up with other think tanks and academic institutions on matters of regional concern (v) obtain and disseminate the latest information and careful analysis on our region, focusing on our neighbors’ internal affairs including in India with whom we have our longest border (vi) excel as a think tank, contributing to Pakistan becoming the best in the region not only in the happiness index but also in governance, and overall human development in economic and other terms.

I look forward to your collaboration and sharing with you our knowledge, resources and expertise.

Dr. Aman Rashid
Acting President
Institute of Regional Studies