The Institute of Regional Studies (IRS) is an independent think tank devoted to the study of the region around Pakistan: South Asia, Southwest Asia (Iran, Afghanistan and the Gulf), China, Central Asia as well as the Indian Ocean region. It also studies the policies of major powers towards South Asia. The Institute has covered research on the region's - foreign and internal affairs, economy and industry, science and technology, socio-cultural and security related issues. It thus provides in-depth understanding and analyses of regional and global issues. IRS is in touch with similar research institutes the world over. Publications are exchanged, activities carried out under Molls, scholars accommodated on reciprocal basis, public Roundtables, seminars etc. organized for them as well as in-house meetings, workshops and more.

The Institute's pride is its quarterly journal Regional Studies that has appeared uninterruptedly since 1982. Research articles written by its scholars have increasingly been cited and their writings have been frequently abstracted in the "Documentation Politique Internationale", Paris. The institute is proud to possess valuable archives which are unique in entire South Asia. Its information data is shared by other institutions and outside research scholars working on the region. The Institute has positions for a number of fellows, analysts research officers and interns. Outside scholars from academia are also encouraged to work for the Institute and whosoever makes a positive contribution is accepted as an Honorary Research Associate.


  • Regional Studies

    - The quarterly research journal of the Institute.

  • Spotlight

    - A monthly publication on a specific topic in one or more of the regional countries.

  • Selections From Regional Press

    - A fortnightly publication comprising selected clippings from the regional newspapers and periodicals, arranged subject-wise under separate heads.

  • Focus

    - Published periodically, this study focuses on a particular issue in one or more of the regional countries.

  • Regional Perspective

    - Periodic studies dealing with important regional issues in a larger perspective involving Pakistan and its neighbors.

  • Monographs

    - Series of detailed studies on particular topics are also published occasionally.

  • Books

    - As research material on a topical issue piles up, it is consolidated by publishing a book on that topic for wider dissemination.