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Welcome to the Institute of Regional Studies (IRS). This website presents a broad-section of IRS's activities in pursuit of our mission to provide in-depth understanding and objective analysis of regional and global issues. The institute which was established in 1982 has gained an international recognition, prestige and credibility within a short span of time.

IRS is uniquely placed to facilitate the exchange of knowledge among academia, governments, NGOs, agencies and institutions carrying out studies and analysis of non-traditional and traditional issues. As a think tank, our goal is to enlighten public opinion and other institutes in Pakistan by disseminating knowledge which can bring a better appreciation and understanding of neighboring countries.

IRS through its worldwide publications provides updated information and critical analysis of issues and realistic policy recommendations to the people in authority. Looking towards the future with an intent to bring about important changes in the entire system, I would like to see IRS become such an internationally competitive and vibrant institute in the field of research and analysis.

Rukhsana Qamber Ph.D.
Institute of Regional Studies, Islamabad.