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China’s Greater Role in Afghanistan in Post-Withdrawal Environment

Author: Fakhar Alam (Intern at IRS)
Published: September, 2021 (1)

End of Afghan Conflict?

Author: Syed Imran Sardar (Research Analyst)
Published: August, 2021 (2)

Low Voter Turnout in Iranian Elections 2021

Author: Humza Tariq (Intern at IRS)
Published: August, 2021 (1)

The Rise of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Future of Indian National Congress (INC)

Author: Shrouq Tariq (Intern at IRS)
Published: July, 2021 (2)

Citizenship Act’s Impact on Assam and BJP’s Clever Election Gimmick

Author: Amshall Asif (Intern at IRS)
Published: July, 2021 (1)

Pakistan-Russia Relations: Future Prospects

Author: Aamir Iqbal (Intern at IRS)
Published: June, 2021

Naxalite Movement: A Fierce Homegrown Insurgency in India

Author: Amshall Asif (Intern at IRS)
Published: June, 2021

Bajrang Dal: The Saffron Avengers

Author: Amshall Asif (Intern at IRS)
Published: May, 2021

The Emergence of a New Cold War Mentality and the Role of Quad

Author: Muhammad Abubaker (Intern at IRS)
Published: March, 2021

The quandary of SAARC in the backdrop of COVID-19

Author: Amna Nisar Abbasi (Asst. Research Officer)
Published: February, 2021

Recklessness, War Crimes, and the Case of Afghanistan

Author: Zunaira Inam (Research Analyst)
Published: January, 2021

Why India Wishes to Destabilize Pakistan?

Author: Maryam Mastoor (Research Analyst)
Published: January, 2021

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