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Research Cycle

IRS research is broadly divided into five clusters, as evident from our country cluster and theme diagram. A dedicated researcher maintains each cluster and is responsible for producing updated information about external and internal affairs of the countries of the South and Southwest Asian region. The diagram below captures the IRS research process, which follows an incremental approach. The IRS website is uploaded on weekly basis and contains information compiled from the region’s newspapers. It is helpful for those seeking instant overview of any county within the five country clusters. The weekly website updates are subsequently sent to the fortnightly Selections from the Regional Press, which is promptly uploaded to the website. Selections add on to regional press articles opinions, editorials, interviews, speeches and articles from journals and magazines. It provides overviews in four clearly differentiated sections: (1) Foreign Affairs (2) Internal Affairs (3) Economic, Cultural and Social Affairs (4) Defence, Nuclear Development, Scientific Research and Space Technology. In addition, Selections includes a handy country-wise index with further subtopics that give a quick fortnightly news recap, helpful for those interested in handy information. This publication opens up new avenues in the research field. It highlights areas that demand immediate intellectual response that ideally coalesce into fortnightly Roundtables. These are announced on the IRS website and are held at the Institute’s premises. Experts from academia, government organizations, NGOs and others are invited to have a healthy discussion on a selected burning issue. IRS rapporteurs write the follow up report, which is also uploaded to the website. These roundtables also attract media coverage. Findings of the discussions are often reflected in the peer-reviewed write up titled Spotlight, which are also reproduced in the IRS journal. The internal research process thus reaches the level of producing a prestigious academic journal, the peer-reviewed quarterly Regional Studies. RS contains both internal and external research papers and sets the theme for initiating a national seminar or workshop, or international conference. Conference proceedings are then published in book form. IRS books are also peer-reviewed and published on topics of country-specific or regional importance. In short, the research process forms the itinerary for news, analysis, and feedback conversations to transform into roadmaps for deep insight and recommendations for implementation.