News Updates

01 March - 13 March
  • At new starting point, China's diplomacy brings certainty to uncertain world
    China elaborated its foreign policy championing peace, development, cooperation and multilateralism, providing certainty to a world full of uncertainties. At a press conference, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said China will continue to follow a peaceful development path, uphold the existing international system, favor cooperation over confrontation while shouldering more responsibilities, as the country moves r to the world's center stage. "China's diplomacy has reached a new starting point," Wang said. "China will surely become stronger but not assertive; China values independence but will not go forward alone; China stands up for its rights but never seeks hegemony." (Xinhua, March 09, 2019)
  • Xi stresses strategic resolve in enhancing building of ecological civilization
    President Xi Jinping stressed efforts to maintain strategic resolve in enhancing the building of an ecological civilization and to protect the country's beautiful scenery in the northern border areas. (Xinhua, March 06, 2019)
  • Xi calls for fulfilling poverty fight goal
    President warns of bureaucracy, slackened effort in relief missions
    President Xi Jinping called for strong confidence and all-around effort to achieve the ambitious goal of eliminating poverty in China by 2020. (China Daily, March 08, 2019)
  • China, U.S. reach consensus on many key, important exchange rate issues: PBOC
    China and the United States discussed exchange rates and reached consensus on many key, important issues in the latest round of economic and trade talks, the country's central bank governor said. (Xinhua, March 10, 2019)
  • Pressure still high on graft during supervision reform
    China has kept up the pressure in the fight against corruption while making progress on reform of the country's supervision system in the past year, according to work reports of the top court and top procuratorate released. (China Daily, March 13, 2019)