News Updates

July, 2019
  • Europe frightened by seriousness of Tehran's measures vis-à-vis JCPOA. Tehran, July 3 - IRNA - As the deadline is approaching for Tehran's second step of reducing some of its commitments in the JCPOA, Europe's leaders are once again struggling to convince Iran to remain in the nuclear deal with different tools from negotiation and encouragement to threats. (IRNA 2-7-2019)
  • Iran Declares Disbanding Another Spy Cell TEHRAN (FNA)- Judiciary Spokesman Gholam Hossein Esmayeeli declared on Tuesday that Iranian security forces have captured a team of spies operating for foreign states. (FARS 2-7-2019)
  • Minister: Downing of Iranian Passenger Plane Displays US Terrorist Nature. TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Road Minister Mohammad Eslami said that the United States' deliberate shooting down of an Iranian passenger plane in 1988 proved the terrorist nature of the Washington regime.
    "Certainly, this incident shows that the US administration is really expansionist and terrorist," Eslami said on Tuesday, addressing a ceremony to commemorate the passengers on board the Iranian Airbus 655 who were killed by the American USS Vincennes missile cruiser in 1988. (FARS 2-7-2019)